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Great Impact

Gov­ern­ment schools in Min­neso­ta con­tin­u­al­ly ham­mer away on the need for increased funding—now spend­ing near­ly $11,000 per stu­dent annu­al­ly. Yet only 60% of MN pub­lic school 6th graders are pro­fi­cient in Read­ing, and only 56% are pro­fi­cient in Math.*

Wouldn’t you like a bet­ter return from your dol­lars?
At Agape Christi, you can! As a small, pri­vate school in its start-up phase, every dol­lar accom­plish­es direct, vital work.

*Source: 2013–2014 MN Report Card from the MN Dept. of Ed.

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