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Welcome to Agape Christi Academy!

We’ve enjoyed putting togeth­er this e-book as a resource in your jour­ney to make wise deci­sions in the edu­ca­tion of your chil­dren. This e-book dis­cuss­es many impor­tant con­sid­er­a­tions for Chris­t­ian par­ents, and it pro­vides an intro­duc­tion to clas­si­cal edu­ca­tion, which we esteem to be quite excel­lent in its approach and results. We hope you enjoy it.

Top­ics include:

  • Bib­li­cal Man­dates for Mak­ing a Wise School Deci­sion
  • Chris­t­ian Schools in the Twin Cities
  • Should Chris­tians Leave Gov­ern­ment Schools?
  • An Intro­duc­tion to Clas­si­cal Edu­ca­tion: A Guide For Par­ents
  • Does God Care Where Your Child Goes to School?

Please let us know a lit­tle bit about your­self to down­load this help­ful resource.

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