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Athletics Philosophy

1. The pur­pose of our ath­let­ic pro­gram is to com­ple­ment, not com­pete, with our aca­d­e­m­ic pro­gram. The vision and mis­sion state­ments reflect our goal to edu­cate our stu­dents in all aspects of life, with the Scrip­tures at the cen­ter, as a means of glo­ri­fy­ing God. We seek to use both aca­d­e­mics and ath­let­ics as instru­ments to help us accom­plish this goal.

2. Obe­di­ence out of love for the Lord looks the same on the ath­let­ic field as in the class­room, home, or church and can be sum­ma­rized in the com­mand, “Love one anoth­er.” The mature Chris­t­ian works for vic­to­ry in all aspects of life, includ­ing ath­let­ics, while nev­er com­pro­mis­ing the spir­i­tu­al fight of being trans­formed into the image of Christ (2 Corinthi­ans 3:18).

3. We affirm that God cre­at­ed us male and female from the begin­ning. We fur­ther affirm that the inher­ent dif­fer­ences between men and women touch every aspect of our lives. There­fore, we desire to cul­ti­vate bib­li­cal mas­culin­i­ty through our boys’ ath­let­ic pro­gram and bib­li­cal fem­i­nin­i­ty through our girls’ ath­let­ic pro­gram.

4. We do not aban­don clas­si­cal method­ol­o­gy in the ath­let­ics pro­gram, but inten­tion­al­ly seek ways to imple­ment the triv­i­um. Low­er School stu­dents will learn the var­i­ous rules and pro­ce­dures of the activ­i­ty or sport, while Upper School stu­dents focus on strat­e­gy, form, and lead­er­ship.

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