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 Agape Christi strives to offer an excel­lent and afford­able clas­si­cal Chris­t­ian edu­ca­tion. All edu­ca­tion, whether fund­ed pub­licly by tax-pay­ers or pri­vate­ly by indi­vid­u­als, has a cost. Agape Christi’s costs are sub­stan­tial­ly low­er than pub­lic school costs.

costs chart

The tuition prices below cov­er approx­i­mate­ly 70% of the total cost of edu­ca­tion at Agape Christi. The remain­ing costs are sub­si­dized by gen­er­ous sup­port­ers of the school.

Base Tuition for 2017–2018

The Base Tuition col­umn reflects stan­dard tuition costs. How­ev­er, we offer sub­stan­tial dis­counts (see below) that can reduce tuition to the Min­i­mum Tuition lev­el.

Aca­d­e­m­ic Pro­gram Base Tuition Min­i­mum Tuition
Preschool (2 half-days) $1750 $1750
Preschool (2 full-days) $2950 $2950
Kinder­garten (3 days) $5575 $2000
Grades 1–8 (5 days) $7985 $2500
Grades 9–12 (varies) varies varies


Oth­er Fees

Appli­ca­tion Fee $0 through March 1 $35 after March 1
Annu­al Enroll­ment Fee $250 through April 1
($50 for preschool)
$400 after April 1
($100 for preschool)
Sup­ply and Activ­i­ty Fee varies between $75-$100


 Multi-Child Discount

We offer a mul­ti-child dis­count to fam­i­lies with three or more chil­dren enrolled at Agape Christi in grades kinder­garten and high­er.

Child 3 Child 4 Child 5
and beyond
25% dis­count 50% dis­count Min­i­mum tuition

Preschool tuition does not count toward the mul­ti-child dis­count (or finan­cial grants). In fam­i­lies where not all stu­dents have the same base tuition, larg­er dis­counts apply to the low­est-cost tuition.

Need-Based Financial Grants

All fam­i­lies are invit­ed to apply for need-based grants up to the min­i­mum tuition cost. Please con­tact the school for details.


Why invest in an Agape Christi edu­ca­tion? Read one mother’s response.


Please con­tact us with any ques­tions, and let us work with you to make Agape Christi Acad­e­my afford­able for your fam­i­ly!

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