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Administrative Staff


Jed Culbertson


Mr. Cul­bert­son has worked with youth in min­istry and edu­ca­tion­al set­tings for over twelve years. He lives with his wife and five chil­dren in Shakopee, MN.

Teaching Staff


Angie Hitterdal






Tonidell Early

First Grade

Shelby Miles

Second & Third Grades


Josie Lidberg

Music; Fourth through Sixth Composition

Miss Lid­berg has had expe­ri­ence teach­ing Eng­lish in Tai­wan, and con­tin­ues to par­lay her thir­teen years of vio­lin expe­ri­ence into music lessons across the area.


Aleta Johnson

Early Grammar Spanish, Third & Fourth Science


Kristen Nixon

Fourth & Fifth Grades


Brady Erickson

Fifth & Sixth Grades; P.E.

Mr. Erick­son comes to us with a BS in His­to­ry and a minor in Bib­li­cal Stud­ies, both very advan­ta­geous in a clas­si­cal and Chris­t­ian edu­ca­tion, for which he is a stri­dent advo­cate. He most recent­ly rep­re­sent­ed Agape Christi Acad­e­my at the annu­al Logos School Teacher Train­ing con­fer­ence in Moscow, Ida­ho.


Chrissy Evans

Early Grammar Science, History, Bible, & P.E.

Mrs. Evans is a grad­u­ate of Hills­dale Col­lege, and is steeped in the cul­ture of clas­si­cal and Chris­t­ian edu­ca­tion. Joy per­vades her class­room as she leads our youngest stu­dents.

Alane Holm



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