the religion of the Christian man embraces the whole of his life…everything that he does he should now do as a child of God…[The] bearing of truth, the meaning of truth, the purpose of truth, even in the sphere of mathematics, seem entirely different to the Christian from that which they seem to the non-Christian; and that is why a truly Christian education is possible only when Christian conviction underlies not a part, but all, of the curriculum of the school. — J. Gresham Machen

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How To Make a Wise School Decision

Agape Christi Academy desires for faithful Christian education to steadily grow in our culture and around the world. This vision requires a view of the micro and macro levels at the same time. Classes go on day by day as students slowly but steadily learn to see the world around them with the eyes of […]

Technology and God | Jun 1, 2013

In a world where technology is accelerating and changing rapidly, with increasing impact on how we live our lives, we all recognize the importance of preparing students to use technology effectively. Many schools seek to answer this need by exposing students to as much technology as possible within the classroom. However, experience using today’s technology […]

Common Objections | May 20, 2013

In the last two years of laying the groundwork for the launch of Agape Christi, we’ve had the opportunity to listen to many families regarding their school choice decision. We rejoice to have the freedom of school choice in our country, knowing that Christian schools and homeschools are illegal in many parts of the world. […]

Education By Natural Selection | Apr 21, 2013

Fourteen years ago yesterday, the state of the environment in which American schoolchildren are educated changed in the national consciousness. Prior to April 20, 1999, parents may have known that the quality of education was trending downward, as evidenced by President GW Bush’s passage of the No Child Left Behind Act just two years later, […]

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